• Medición de la gestión ejecutiva en la creación de valor para el accionista

      Remezzano, Andrés; Pacherre Osorio, Cynthia Elizabeth; Quintana Conde, María Cristina (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2016-11-23)
      This thesis analyzes and evaluates the performance of the executive management of Lindley Corporation managers in the years 2014 and 2015. These periods are analyzed because is the first time in the company's history that the company changed from being a family company to being a company lead by a person outside the family. The first chapter shows the various theories regarding value creation and its concepts. It explains the importance of value-based management and the indicators usually used to calculate the value added, its benefits and deficiencies applied to the return for the shareholder. In the second chapter, the problem of value measurement for shareholders and the hypothesis of the thesis are established. In addition, it arises the general objective and specific objectives as well as the scope of the same ones. The following chapter details the methodology to be used to assess the value generated by each manager. In such a way, in Chapter IV, shows the results of the last year of Jhonny Lindley´s management and the first year of José Borda in the Corporation. Chapter V analyzes the main discoveries of the comparison of the two managements and evaluates the creation or destruction of value for shareholders. Finally, conclusions and recommendations are written to further enhance Lindley's Corporation performance with respect to value-added generation.
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