• Estilos de negociación en la industria de telecomunicaciones en Perú: el caso Movistar y el caso Entel

      Moran Macedo, María Rosa; Palavicini Calderón, Grecia Joselyn; Saldaña Azabache, Sandra Janet; Torres Vigil, Tanya Jakelin (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2016-11-01)
      This investigation provides a clear guidance on the Peruvian negotiating style within the telecommunications industry through the analysis of the cases of Entel Perú and Telefónica del Perú. Upon arriving at the Peruvian market, these companies were established with the culture of their head offices, Chilean culture and Spanish culture respectively. The main objective of this investigation is to determine whether the Peruvian negotiating style has a tendency to the distributive style. In addition, this investigation will examine how the Peruvian negotiating style is also affected by other negotiating cultures. Furthermore, this will analyze the fact that the negotiating Peruvian style is able to add some features of the foreign negotiation style to his initial style over time. Finally, this investigation intends to prove that the clash of cultures can generate a positive impact, whenever it enriches the initial profile of the Peruvian negotiator; this through the several methodological tools herein used, for example the surveys conducted to the employees of the above mentioned companies, the surveys conducted to the industry experts, and the interviews made to academics specialist in negotiations. The result of the investigation confirmed that Peruvians are directly affected by the cultures of the head offices. Peruvian people consider that they have an integrative negotiating style. Likewise, this investigation confirmed that the Peruvian negotiating style is not a completely distributive style. Actually, the Peruvian negotiating style consists of a mixture of integrative style and distributive style, since the Peruvian negotiating style is influenced by different factors. Keywords: Distributive negotiation, integrative negotiation, cultural factors, tendencies, common objectives, long-term relationship, communication, differences, adaptation, influence, negotiating style, trade openness, telecommunications, relationships, culture, agreements, interests, impact.
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