• Desarrollar un modelo de gestión de inventario para la optimización de costos de la minera Southern Copper Corporation

      Bouillón, Adolfo; Arbi Ortiz, Katheryne Daniela; Arroyo Carbajal, Jimmy Gabriel; Otoya Viera, Javier Eduardo (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2016-11-01)
      This dissertation consists on the application of an inventory management model in order to achieve cost optimisation for Southern Copper Corporation, one of the largest mining companies in Peru. The model focuses on optimising inventory management, covering costs for – caused by unsatisfied demand, especially in China, the biggest user of copper in the world. The implementation of the model does not need additional investment in equipment purchases nor machinery, but rather in reorganising and improving the production process in order to be able to increase copper production in the mine. The chosen solution model is the Continuous Probability model, which indicates that the additional optimal quantity to the actual production needed is 20,073.39 tonnes. This implies an increase in production of USD 55,760,288.30. However, the economic benefit generated by this model is USD 91,532,430.92, representing an increase in shareholder value. The departments in charge of assisting in this project are the Sales department, and the Production and Plant department. The implementation of the model will be successful as production is less than demand, especially in target markets such as China, from which purchase orders, which cannot be attended due to deficiencies in the company’s production processes, are received.
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