• Estrategias que fomenten el crecimiento del comercio electrónico peruano en el sector Retail tomando como modelo al país de Estados Unidos

      Pardo, Jontxu; Molina Gómez, Janice; Navarro Anticona, Renzo; Sáenz Ampuero, Anarella (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2017-02-18)
      Currently companies don’t skimp on resources when it comes to reach customers. Nowadays, thanks to the technological advance more companies opt to venture into e-commerce, because they see this business model as a source of increased sales and therefore market share. By entering into this model, companies obtain benefits such as cost reductions, expand the customer data-base, and expand into other markets. However, Peru hasn't yet been able to explore this tool to the maximum, due to the external and internal factors that influence its performance, among them Peruvian consumer distrust, internet access, and logistic channels. This research is non-experimental and has a transactional exploratory type design. Through this, it aims to obtain a greater vision regarding the growth of electronic commerce in the retail companies that operate in Peru. Also, it shows the barriers that are present in both the market and the companies taking the United States market as a model. For this, as an initial point, an in-depth interview was conducted with a specialist in electronic commerce, given his professional background and experience. Secondly, we proceeded to develop and apply surveys to 200 people who met the profile of the Peruvian consumer for this study. As a result, we consider that a contribution to highlight from this research is to be able to know the market in which retail companies in Peru currently operate. Also, to identify the strategies that are used by the United States, the elements that slow the development of e-commerce in Peru, and those that arise as alternatives for improvement.
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