• Creación de valor basado en el ecoturismo como modelo de negocio para empresas del sector hotelero: un caso de estudio del grupo Inkaterra años 2008 – 2015

      Trujillo Fajardo, Ricardo Waldir; Lorenzo Galarza, Rafael Antonio; Martinez Torres, Janet Katherine (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2016-12-01)
      In this time of saturation and increasing competitiveness, the success of destinations and products has caused deep and constant changes in the tourism sector, related to negative impacts on natural resources, communities and low innovation. Therefore, alternative tourism is taken as a point of departure, referring to travel alternatives that tend to deviate from the characteristics of mass tourism and the hotel sector, being a relevant sector in the contribution of tourism. Based on the above, we propose the ecotourism as a new business model, being the element of differentiation and therefore a new threshold of development for the value creation in companies of the hotel sector. Therefore, this research work seeks to understand "How can companies in the hotel sector can create value by positively influencing their environment?" This is based on the development of a case study by the Inkaterra Group, a company recognized as a pioneer in ecotourism. Study that will have as reference the period 2008 to 2015. For the development of the study case, we have use two tools: the business model CANVAS and surveys to the stakeholders of the company, also to these tools have been conformed by the theoretical framework, which will expose theories related to ecotourism, sustainable management, innovation, Corporate social responsibility and interest groups, as well as greater support for the research work. Everything with the purpose to show how the Inkaterra Group creates value based on ecotourism as a business model for the years 2008-2015.
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