• Responsabilidad social empresarial en el sector de cosméticos. Análisis de una empresa local a través del benchmarking de 3 empresas extranjeras en buenas prácticas para el desarrollo de un clima laboral socialmente responsable, durante el periodo 2015-2016 Caso : Belcorp Perú

      Ueyonahara Matzumoto, Jorge Antonio; Diaz Escalante, Stephany Katherine; Latorraca Farfan, Bárbara Stephanie; Padilla Giurfa, Karla Alejandra (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2016-11-01)
      This paper aims to propose various practices within the scope of Corporate Social Responsibility that it could be organize by the area of human resources management in order to maintain at all times a good working environment in Belcorp Peru. The qualitative approach was used to gather the information, through interviews with human resources management analysts, to identify the activities that are currently performed to maintain a good working environment. Likewise, it was utilized benchmarking of best practices that have different foreign companies, to be able to propose activities to implement. From that research, it was concluded that best practices to implement are the realization of: Telework (networking) and support programs and personal assistance to employees. It is recommended for the area of human resources management to make the implementation of these activities, as it is considered that they will help to maintain a good working environment which will strengthen the cohesion between the employees and the company generating better results highlighting the good performance of the same within the sector.
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