• Análisis de incidencias de las oficinas comerciales en el exterior del Perú en las exportaciones de las Pymes en el marco del Plan Estratégico Exportador 2015-2025 - Sector no tradicional

      Portugal, Manuel Pio; Arango Mayorga, Karol Noemí; Justiniano Rojas, Sandra Lizett; Oropeza Egoavil, Liliana (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2017-01-02)
      The following research about professional sufficiency has its main objective to identify the causes and the effects that the commercial offices from Peru have had in foreign countries for improving the exports of the medium and short enterprises from the no traditional sector. This research has a quantitative and descriptive reach, due to the use, analysis and description of the statistics and information about the results from the database obtained from the Ministry of Production. Therefore, we started by analyzing the total of exports then we divided into the two sectors, traditional and no traditional. From the no traditional sector, we identified the percentage of participation from the medium and short enterprises and also we identified the countries which had demanded their exports. At the same time, we started to analyze the evolution of the exports to these specific countries , and finally through different graphics and charts we reached to analyze the volume of the exports from these medium and short enterprises from the no traditional sector to countries which have OCEX during the years 2012 and 2015. This analysis was done and it let us to see the final results of exports from these enterprises , so we concluded that the activities done by OCEX , bring them opportunities and support , but they don´t become a concrete generator of increasing the levels of exports.
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