• Análisis de costo/beneficio de la aplicación de un programa de reclutamiento interno de personal, en una empresa del rubro financiero y una de consumo masivo (reclutamiento externo exclusivo para practicantes)

      Díaz Montoya, Edward Andy; Jara León, Bryan Marcos; Neyra Mendoza, Claudia Patricia; Rentería Portocarrero, Jonathan Josué (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2016-12-05)
      The recruitment of staff in an organization tries to attract suitable candidates for a vacancy. In this process, the human resources area, has two ways of convening talent, external or internal recruitment. The first is to call people outside the company, while the second one promotes internal movement of staff, however, the use of both techniques together is also possible. The area of human resources must take into account many factors before filling the vacancy, prioritizing members of the organization rather than external, not only motivates workers, also creates competition between them to improve their performance and permanence in the company, because they see new challenges to take in a short time. Also, the training cost is offset by the cost of recruitment generating economic benefits to the company and eliminates the problem of adaptation with partners and organizational culture (Josiano, 2010). On the other hand, people outside the company can cause economic losses, incurred expenses and times in recruitment, selection and training and that they end giving up in a short term. This research seeks to demonstrate the costs and benefits that brings to implement a plan of internal recruitment in an organization that captures only external talent. Also, that external recruitment is directed exclusively to the recruitment of employees at the base of the chain of command, namely, interns, provided they have the necessary skills required by the available position.
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