• Estudio de la importancia de la programación de las operaciones para la reducción de tiempo en la empresa «La Panka»

      Vera Cervantes, Augusto Martin; Abanto Pinheyros, Arantxa Ximena; Barrantes Vela, Scarlett Cecilia; Inciso Romero, Eliana María (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2016-11-23)
      Nowadays, time is an essential resource in many businesses and a proper time management will efficiently improve the overall management of a company. A proper time management is based on prioritization of activities, which reduces their time, deletes extra activities or merges them to optimize the resources of an organization. In that case, the present investigation will demonstrate the importance of the operations management in reducing customer service’s time applied to a Food and Beverage company: La Panka. This is a restaurant chain of “Pollos and Brasas” with more than six years in the peruvian market and presents an aggressive expansion plan based on the franchise model. With this model, the company seeks the best way to standardize its processes and, currently, the best way to achieve this is to implement a system application that interrelates its activities. The managers of La Panka rely on the tools developed in the research that help to optimally interconnect operations within the company and promote a better programming of their processes.
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