• Influencia de la cultura organizacional en la imagen corporativa de una empresa textil peruana

      Senmache Sarmiento, Ana Elena del Carmen; Aliaga Huapaya, César Humberto; Díaz Bracamonte, Luis Rafael; Ibáñez Carrera, Mayra Alejandra (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2016-12-01)
      This research aims to demonstrate the relationship between the Organizational Culture of a company and the Corporate Image, as well as the influence of Culture on the Corporate Image. In order to achieve this objective, a textile company dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of baby clothing was used as a field of study. The work consists of the following structure: Chapter I details the previous studies, basically explaining the theory regarding Organizational Culture, Corporate Image and the Textile Sector in Peru. In Chapter II, the Research Plan is detailed, consisting of the problem, the hypotheses and the objectives. In Chapter III, the methodology used to gather information is explained, while Chapter IV proceeds to the development of the information, explaining the situation of the company and the industry. Chapter V then analyzes the information obtained through surveys, observations or other information. Finally, we present the conclusions and recommendations reached by means of the present investigation.
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