• Estudio de la empleabilidad del personal administrativo como herramienta de retención en la empresa OPP Film S.A.

      Díaz Montoya, Edward Andy; Alva Del Aguila, Carmen; Gutiérrez Hidalgo, Cathy Yasmin; Moreno Escudero, Samy Kathiuska (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2016-11-01)
      The purpose of this project it’s to prove development of an employability model and verify if this influences the retention of the administrative staff in the company OPP FILM SA. In order to conduct this analysis, proposed a research with descriptive designs, used research techniques such as surveys, in which the administrative staff participated, and had an interview with the company's Human Resources Manager. To obtain more information, the company provided documents which were thoroughly revised; this helps to make an analysis of the index and the costs of rotation It was concluded, through the surveys, that employability model influences the retention of the administrative staff and the employees value professional development by means of line career. On the other hand, the interview with the company's Human Resources Manager establishes Opp Film SA is working on an employability model, because the company determines that improve the professional development would help reduce employee’s rotation and increase their competitive level. Finally, it is recommended that Opp Film develops internal strategies such as the career line and internal recruitment, to improve the employability, thereby minimizing rotation costs.
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