• La influencia del factor cultural y la comunicación en las negociaciones de la industria minera en el Perú caso Conga

      Morán Macedo, María Rosa; Grados Aranda, Greysh Dannae; Rojas Díaz, Roy; Silva Saldarriaga, Stefano Daniel (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2016-11-01)
      The purpose of this exploratory research is to determine through an specific case of study named "Conga" if the cultural factor and the communication are key for the development of mining activities in the Andean communities; therefore, the first thing is to present the definition of andean culture and negotiation, as well as analysing the economic impact of mining in Cajamarca. After detailing the theoretical elements on the subject, it is verified if the cultural factor and the communication directly influence the success of the negotiations of the mining companies with the Andean communities. For this purpose, information was collected through several methodological tools such as in-depth interviews with specialists related to the mining activity and through surveys administered to people affected by mining in Cajamarca, in order to know the perception of each of the parties in relation to the subject of the study. The study developed suggests that communication should be considered as a determining factor in the negotiation process, assuming there is a predisposition to reach an agreement on both sides. On the other hand, the cultural factor should not be ignored -although it is often considered irrelevant at the time of the negotiation- because it represents the characteristics of each of the groups, which enables to lay the foundations of the negotiation process. Finally, the present study suggests to take into account the perspective of the population about the record and background of the mining companies, considering this directly influences on the negotiations between the community and the company.
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