• Modelo de gestión para una empresa de no administradores

      Huamán Pulgar, Laura; Gavedia Rosales, Inés Amparo; Huaroto Aybar, Mariel Fiorella; Puma Gamboa, Liliana Alicia (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2016-11-01)
      The subject analyzed in this study is a management model for non-management companies, in order to be able to present the subject, a company of the plastic-metal mechanic industry was chosen because it reaches the assigned parameters. The study focuses on the line of plastics, as it has greater participation in the market. In the first part the theoretical framework is developed, for which the current market situation was investigated and as this has been growing favorably in the last years, the tools formulated throughout the study helped to evaluate the development and evolution of the organization. In the second part, the problem raised was if the company meets the current needs of the market; aiming at studying and evaluating the internal management of the organization. The third part of the study focuses on the methodology, ergo; the tools used to evaluate the organization. At this point, the canvas is presented, in order to identify the business model and how the company creates, delivers and generates value; the BSC which proposes strategic objectives for the company. The fourth part aims at developing the strategic tools, so it will be possible to identify the current situation of the organization, strengths and weaknesses, and then be able to offer a proposal for improvement that that is compatible with the situation of the market, company and collaborators.
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