• Análisis económico de la disyuntiva entre la calidad y la variedad de servicios: El caso del “Centro especializado de enfermedades renales S.A.C.”

      Escalante, Andrés; Estrada Tejada, Alexandra; García Flores, Martín; Palacios Arrunátegui, Andy (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2017-03-01)
      The present study postulates the existence of a low level of response, given for the growing demand for new hemodialysis services, different from those currently offered in Peru, as the main problem of the Centro Especializado de Enfermedades Renales SAC. This allows us to address some of the current problems that lead to this level of response. Also, analyze the current capacity, especially in terms of costs of the center to evaluate the results of the strategies they have carried out, with the purpose of proposing to improve on them and achieve a better relationship between the variety and the quality of the services. This purpose is achieved by making use of economic theory as organizational principle of work. This, through economies of scale and scope, will allow the business model to be reformulated; That is, increase the volume, through new services without sacrificing quality.
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