• Análisis de las estrategias de internacionalización en el sector turismo, usadas en los últimos 5 años por Perú en comparación a Panamá, Chile y Colombia.

      Couz Fernandez, Alberto del; Gamarra Cahuantico, Lourdes Fabiola; Huamán Castilla, Sandra Patricia (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2017-02-18)
      In Peru, as in most countries in Latin America and the world, the Tourism is presented as an item of constant economic development. It is also key and one of the main factors of International Trade, generates jobs and is an incentive for the different businesses that depend on the rotation; hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, airlines, etc. The economic stability, security and accessibility are also indicators of the development of this sector. In relation to these points, the present work seeks to analyze the strategies, plans and projects to be carried out by the Peruvian State to encourage and promote the tourism and increase the economic margins at the country level. In contrast, with the internationalization strategies used by Chile, Colombia and Panama, in the last five years. The purpose of this paper is to identify favorable internationalization strategies for the positioning of the brand Peru and the sustainable development of different economic parts.
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