• Creación de un modelo de desarrollo comercial para la comercialización de medallones de paiche en Lima Metropolitana

      Vásquez Osorio, José Alfonso; Cornejo Bendezú, Jaime Alberto; Gallegos Crespo, Christian Francisco; Salcedo Alvarado, Rodrigo Airton (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2016-11-01)
      This research aims to generate a strategic business plan, focused in the causes of the low consumption of paiche meat in Lima to develop a commercial market for this product. The fictitious company “Fuego Verde”will apply the appropriate strategies to be successful in the market. Certain topics will be analized, such as the low knowledge of paiche, problems in the supply chain of Amazonian products and stereotypes about aquiculture and river fishes. Based on various sources and experts in the area, the company will implement a series of strategies that will generate a paiche consumption culture in Lima. Initially, its necessary to have a theoretical framework in which the main topics of the research are explained. It’s important to to describe the current situation of aquaculture, the description of the paiche, methods of conservation, regulations to constitute a company and the administrative tools and theory that will support our strategies. Two types of research methodologies will be used, the first is the qualitative approach consisting in using depth interviews and “Focus Groups”, the second is the is the quantitative approach developed by formal surveys. Based on the obtained results, the development of the research will be focused on the generation of the commercial strategies to affront Lima’s market. There will be a Canvas model, an integral development of the value chain, a qualitative and quantitative analysis and the formulation of the strategies through the FODA and Ansoff matrix. The analysis focuses on the financial evaluation of the company, to sustain the profitability of the business in Lima’s market.
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