• Redireccionamiento estratégico de la tienda por departamento Paris, análisis de la apertura en el Jockey Plaza

      Huamán Pulgar, Laura; Güimack Flores, Luz Estefanía; Moquillaza Cuadra, Elisa Karina; Olivas Maldonado, Juan Diego (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2016-12-01)
      The present work of professional sufficiency consists of the development and analysis of the situation of the department store PARIS, its external and internal environment and the opening in 2016 of its store in the Jockey Plaza. Being thus in showcase with the main department stores of Perú. For the development and analysis of this work has been used four management theories that evaluate and weigh the environment and variables in favor or against PARIS. Primary sources such as interviews and secondary sources as data available on the web were resorted. As well as bibliography of the management theories for the development. The main conclusions result in a correct strategy on the part of PARIS in the opening of the Jockey Plaza store. This because it has the internal capacities developed to support this new target audience, the socioeconomic “A” sector, to which they are directed in the Jockey Plaza. It is also considered that the work in question will be a contribution to the discipline of administration, since it could be used as a case of study and be taken by new companies that wish to have a model or guide of an evaluation and a strategic redirection.
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