• Diseño de un Sistema de asignación y control de costos para la Lavandería “Sra. Washi” - 2016

      Calvo Córdova, Juan Fernando; Alvarado Mejía, Cristhian Anderson; Mera Jaime, Claudia; Ruiz Montoya, Renzo Adrián (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2016-11-01)
      The present Assignment of Sufficiency Professional focuses on sustain how a correct design of a system of allocation and cost control allows to generate savings and helps to establish a correct price to generate an increase in the total contribution margin of a business.Throughout this assignment, three specific objectives have been validated, applying them to “Lavandería Sra. Washi” , a service company, which has almost two years of operation in the market and is currently classified as a modern enterprise in the laundry business , because it has a specialized service in function of the use of washing supplies (detergent, softener and perfume) according to the preference of the client. For the first specific objective, we identified the different costs and expenses in which the business incurs which were separated by subcategories, according to existing theories. After this, the second objective was achieved, which consisted on using the most appropriate costing system for the business to control and generate cost savings, for which it was validated, with different theories, that the costing system “By work orders” is the most appropriate to do so, by comparing real costs with standards costs. Finally, through the information and data collected from the business, a methodology could be established to readjust the price previously defined, and to make “Lavandería Sra. Washi” able to obtain a higher operating profit in the short term.
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