• Propuesta de iniciativa turística: Ñan Challwaq – recorriendo la ruta del pescado

      Zilberman, Jack; Acha Schiappa-Pietra, Gerardo; Cáceres Murga, Miguel; Cano Vargas, Eric (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2016-12-01)
      The objective of this Case Study is to design a preliminary Business Plan for a new company. This company is an innovative Tourism Agency, which aims to generate value by attending the growing demand for alternative adventure experiences in Cuzco City. This will be achieved through the implementation of a trekking route between Cuzco and Puerto Inka. We will start by defining the concepts and administration theory to be used. Up next, we evaluate the current situation, which includes a SWOT analysis of the tourism sector in order to understand why this business proposal is such an interesting alternative, with a lot of potential in the current conjuncture. The demand for alternative tourism options -both innovative and distant from the masses- is growing strong, and it’s matching with a Government willing to develop the sector, investing in infrastructure and promotion. Based on different bibliographical sources, depth interviews and field observation, we formulate our value offer under the Marketing Mix 4P methodology. Up next, we calculate the potential size of the market we are after, which shows good signs. We only need to achieve 6% penetration of the targeted market to operate at our full capacity of 780 tourists per year. Finally, the third objective is a financial evaluation in order to determine the viability and the estimated payback of the project. This is a preliminary study, which needs to be further investigated and compared with other investment alternatives. The result of this study reaffirms the interest in bringing the old Ñan Challwaq path to value.
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