• Fidelización para usuarios de Apps de taxis en Lima Metropolitana

      Azabache Morán Carlos; Aguado Capurro, Brunno; Carbajal Valdivia, Nataly Pamela; Herrera Elescano, Lorena; Pachas Yactayo, Keylla (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2016-12-01)
      This research evaluates the loyalty programs focused on the taxi service sector in Lima Metropolitan, which are developed through digital platforms such as mobile applications, adapting to the needs of current users and taking advantage of the current situation of the Transport system that is presented in the city of Lima, which has generated motivators that have allowed to develop this new structure of the category of taxis; so we have investigated the loyalty programs that have emerged in other countries and the factors that allowed them to replicate in our city. Likewise, we inquired about the profiles of the Lima consumer regarding the use of applications and the effect of loyalty programs, with that reason we conducted interviews with marketing and digital experts, we also did surveys to taxi users to validate success or failure of loyalty programs in taxi applications. With this, the result was that the most relevant factors for users when requesting a taxi by application are comfort, safety and participation in campaigns.
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