• Identificación, justificación y aplicación de algunas estrategias para enfrentar conflictos sociales en industrias extractivas

      Mera Gómez, Teresa Stella; Cabrera Cigaran, Alejandro Leopoldo Jesús; Ortíz Parra, Cynthia Aracelli; Urrutia Rojo, César Alberto (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2016-11-01)
      This present work analyzes the importance of a communication strategy as part of the resolution of social conflicts in the mining industry. We used two cases of mining conflicts in Peru, the first one is the case of the AngloAmerican mining company with the Quellaveco project located in the department of Moquegua, which is a case of success and the second one is the case of Southern Copper Peru with the mining project Tía Maria, located in the department of Arequipa, which has not been resolved yet. For this, we focus on the importance of previous preparation and investigation of the negotiators, as well as the role of the state as a link between the extractive industry and the community. We also identify the external participants, evaluating the impact they have in the development of these negotiations. We bring under discussion, negotiation and communication where a key factor is the approach that is given to dialogue between the parties involved. In the development, we show how in the case of Quellaveco, the regional government headed by Governor Martin Vizcarra, assumed a very open position and became fully involved in the solution of the conflict by establishing a dialogue table with a participatory approach, being able to engage in collaborative negotiations with the community in order to get multiple beneficial agreements. Otherwise, Tía Maria is only using for the moment information tables in order to decrease the conflict without reaching agreement with the people who continue to oppose the project and increase the intensity of the conflict and its consequences.
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