• Desarrollo del mercado de carne de cuy en Lima Metropolitana

      Saravia Molina, Victor German; Ahumada Vásquez, Jorge Luis; Cheng Ortíz, Diana Grace; Mantilla Lozano, Alejandro Andre (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2016-12-02)
      The present work aims to develop a promotion proposal that allows the increase of the consumption of guinea pig meat in Lima Metropolitana, by means of the development of products that generate an increase of the demand and allows the diffusion of the benefits of consumption of the guinea pig meat. The study is based on the collection and revision of data from a great variety of bibliographical sources, which provided a theoretical framework and the main knowledge to begin our study. These were complemented by a survey, which was done to 200 people from A and B socioeconomic level, in which it was possible to obtain relevant information for the development of the marketing strategy. Many limitations were identified in order to develop the market for guinea pig meat, the principal limitation that was found is that there is a large number of people who have never or hardly ever tried guinea pig meat, and also consider that the presentation is not friendly to the eye, Which creates resistance to the potential buyer and / or consumer. In addition, the consumer often does not know how to prepare and the versatility of this meat to be included in various dishes. Finally, there is a lack of knowledge about where to buy quality guinea pig meat and the average price at which it is offered. In this way, it was possible to conclude that through a strategy of differentiation focused on the development of products with unique characteristics such as adding a sauce for easy preparation and labeling with relevant information such as nutritional value and preparation options, it is possible to increase the market and make that more people know and consume guinea pig meat.
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