• Desarrollo de un sistema inteligente de control de carga orientado a mejorar la disponibilidad y la confiabilidad de un sistema de distribución eléctrica

      Márquez Marrou, Manuel Ángel; Matushita Zapata, Germán Enrique; Muñante Rojas, Alberto Manuel (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC)PE, 06/11/2015)
      The thesis presents a solution to improve the availability and reliability of a part of the electrical distribution system in Huancayo city that belongs to the electrical company Electrocentro reducing the times of power outage of the affected areas by restoring and reconfiguring of power feeders proposing development of an intelligent load control system. The first chapter presents the current situation of electrical distribution companies regarding the quality of service that they provide and the proposed solution. The second chapter mentions the concepts related to electricity and electronics involving electrical distribution systems. In the third chapter, explains the software and hardware solution in order to improve SAIDI and SAIFI indices, indicators of the quality of electrical service to the users. In the fourth chapter, the experimental and theoretical results of the proposed solution are shown. Finally, in the fifth chapter the recommendations and conclusions of the thesis.
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