• Verificación de la correlación entre el ensayo de penetración estándar (SPT) y auscultación con cono de Peck (CP) para suelos cohesivos, en base 85 puntos recopilados de 15 estudios de suelos realizados en la costa y selva del Perú

      Soto Dueñas, Milagros del Pilar; Barriga Palomino, Jean Paul Alexander; Villacorta Chávez, Walter Enrique; Villacorta Chávez, Walter Enrique (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2017-08-28)
      This research seeks to validate the work done by the engineer Roberto Michelena, obtaining the correlation equation for cohesive soils making use of studies of soils made by a company different from his own. This covers a particular issue in Peru on the use of a correlation for cohesive soils, for which no additional research has been carried out following the proposal by the engineer Roberto Michelena. To carry out this research, fully, four key chapters are established for the development of the same: The first chapter, Research Methodology, shapes the type of research, approach and selection of the sample to develop research in an orderly manner and with relevant results. The second chapter, Theoretical Framework, contemplates the procedures of the in-situ tests to which this research refers and the necessary knowledge of statistics for the understanding of the same. The third chapter, Analysis and Survey of the information, take the one of all the representative studies in which the standard penetration tests (SPT) and cone of Peck have been carried out, to then select the studies that will be useful for the development of the statistic. The fourth chapter, Application of statistical methodology, is to make use of the statistical knowledge described in the second chapter to fulfill the purpose of the thesis. Finally, two chapters are presented: Conclusions, to obtain a general analysis of the research; And Recommendations to further promote the investigation of the correlation between the standard penetration test (SPT) and the Peck Cone in cohesive soils.
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    • Vulnerabilidad de la carretera Panamericana norte en el departamento de Piura

      Del Mar Reátegui, Iván (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 18/07/2015)
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