• Metodología constructiva en base al uso de la soldadura a tope como alternativa al uso de empalmes convencionales en armaduras de losas y muros de grandes luces de concreto armado

      Huerta Campos, Carlos Alberto; Camargo García, Yoser Alejandro; Yana Paucar, Edward Arturo (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2017-12-31)
      To propose a methodology of work as an alternative to the overlaps employed in a conventional manner, fusion splices and axial compression, which will lead to economic improvements in unit prices, this will eventually lead to savings by work methodology (which includes both savings in material wasted and in employed labor). With the support of the current standards, it is sustained that everything raised has technical support, and requires validation in the field to ensure the functionality of this operational alternative (which in the same way that the current implies in compensable costs).
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