• Aplicación de inteligencia artificial para enriquecer el etiquetado del archivo de imágenes de El Comercio

      Villalta Riega, Rosario del Pilar; Cabrera Berríos, Jorge Antonio; Rodríguez Martel, Luis Alberto; Miñano Tang, César Augusto (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2017-12-01)
      The present project is about the conception and planning of an Information Technology value proposal for the company “El Comercio” entitled as "Application of Artificial Intelligence to enrich the labeling of the El Comercio image archive". The election of the company “El Comercio” was made through network researches and collaborators of the same company that provided us with access to non-sensitive business information. The work takes a special interest knowing that El Comercio is the main newspaper of the country, as well as one of the most important in Latin America. In this matter, we quote an introduction of what was the inspiration for this work: “Editorial Enterprise El Comercio S.A. belongs to the sector of written media, where it is positioned as the leading company in the sector, both in reader and advertising investment. Likewise, within the set of media of the country, it is positioned as the company with the greatest seriousness, credibility and impartiality. The direct competition that the company faces is the other written media (newspapers and magazines); however, due to its level of readership, newspapers published by the company maintain a clear leadership in its segment. Additionally, “El Comercio” faces the competition of audiovisual media (radio and television) and digital media in attracting advertising investment.” (Figueroa, 2016, p. 8) We perform an analysis of the company's processes in search of deficiencies that could be corrected using information technologies and give value to the business, concluding with a proposal to integrate Artificial Intelligence into the image archive process which left many indicators of being a great contribution to achieve the strategic objectives of the organization. The importance of the present work lies in the fact that it was possible to identify the most important shortcomings of the editing area in the image labeling activities, which reduced the company's value in relation to its vision and mission. The main achievement of the project was to propose a simple solution that, through the use of artificial intelligence, is able to eliminate these shortcomings by automating and improving the incorporation of metadata in the El Comercio image archive.
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