• Modelo tecnológico para la gestión de consultas de pacientes del Centro Universitario de Salud UPC

      Chumpitaz Avendaño, Max Raúl; Chacón Arevalo, Kerly Jens; Ponce Arias, Tania Tracy (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2018-01-31)
      The project develops methodologies and best practices about information technologies with the aim of optimize the management patient consultation process of the UPC University Health Center using TOGAF 9.1 framework to design the technological model. The project begins with the gathering of information on the main processes to obtain an “As-Is”; (as is) view of the business, key processes are identified and the “To-Be” (How it should be) model is developed to identify the main services that make up the processes. The technological model allows measuring and improving the processes involved in consulting patients, decreasing costs and time spent. By implementing the technological model, a constant flow of information is obtained from side to side the different areas through the integration of services, an added value is obtained, the processes become flexible to change, the strategic objectives are aligned and the communication between the personal and processes is improved.
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