• Propuesta de mejora de procesos aplicando conceptos de Gestión de la Calidad y metodología PHVA en una empresa agroindustrial que exporta uña de gato en polvo

      Viacava Campos, Gino Evangelista; Saavedra Quiñe, Charles (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2016-11-26)
      The present research work is based on a company that is dedicated to the elaboration of medicinal products and that has been receiving various claims that damage the image and quality of its products, so the objective is to analyze their problems and take actions to reverse the situation of the company. In the analysis of the problem we find that the company accumulates many reprocesses, and at the same time the demand of the company grew by 8% per year and therefore it is necessary to improve the productive process. The problems encountered are very related to the working methods, the use of some machines, among other resources that are detailed in the present work. The use of the different tools of industrial engineering adding a model of the production process will give us a better vision of how to distribute the resources and methods of work in the company, taking into account the principles and contributions of the management of the quality and the innocuity of food that with its contribution we can increase productivity and future profitability of the company.
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