• Reordenamiento y mejora de los estacionamientos en las vías colindantes al parque Eduardo Habich en el distrito de Jesús María

      Bravo Lizano, Aldo Rafael; Plasencia, Christian; Lindo, Cristhian (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2017-08-28)
      The present thesis has for an object in realizing the rearranging and improves of the parking’s in the local route of the surroundings of the park Eduardo Habich, located in the district of Jesus Maria, province and department of Lima. To realize the achievement of the general target earlier mentioned the thesis realized four important aspects of the engineering of transport. First, the transport transit is improved in the routes where the parking’s are, this progress is achieved by means of the redesign of the roadway and the side berm for the use of parking’s. The designed parking’s are of 45th invested, the vehicle goes out of the berm in direction of the transport flow. This proposal reduced greatly the time in the exit of the vehicles of the parking’s. Also, it minimizes the obstruction of the transport transit without risk of causing accidents. Secondly, the use of the roadway limits itself for parking’s, implemented horizontal and vertical signaling current under the regulation, to signpost the berms with enough dimension to place the parking’s and the rest of the route to signpost with the yellow color to restrict that are parked. In the third place, the maintenance of the route and the berm is of supreme importance to give comfort to the user and to minimize the deterioration of its vehicles for the holes in the route and the berm. Finally, to improve the rotation of the vehicles in the parking’s it is necessary to charge per minute, this way more neighbors and public in general he will benefit from this government property. Consequently, the rearranging generates to us to have a healthy town-planning visualization.
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