• Evaluación del uso de la telemedicina (mensajes de texto) sobre el índice de higiene oral en niños de la institución educativa primaria pública “Amauta II” del distrito de Ate Vitarte

      Ceccarelli Calle, Juan Francisco; Luna Antonio, Melitza Jackeline (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 01/01/2015)
      Objective: to evaluate the use of telemedicine (text messages) on the Oral Hygiene Index (OHI) in children from a public elementary school “Amauta II” Ate, Lima – Peru. Materials and Methods: the study was longitudinal, quasi-experimental; made to 44 participants who were randomly divided into two groups, telemedicine (text messages) group and control group. Both groups received personalized instruction on oral hygiene brushing technique according toBass. Then the parent / caregiver of the telemedicine group received text messages 2 times per week during 45 days and the control group doesn’t received text messages. Oral hygiene was estimated according to a simplified OHI by Greene and Vermillion which evaluated soft plaque (PB), calcified plaque (PC), the same that was monitored in three stages, initial evaluation (T0), evaluation at 15 days (T1) and last evaluation at 45 days (T2). Results: Of the44 participants, 23 were female and 21 male. In the final evaluation (T2), the telemedicine (text messages) group had an OHI of 1.81 + 0.73; the control group had an OHI of 1.90 + 1.00. Wasn´t found statistically significant differences between both groups. Conclusions: The use of telemedicine (text messages) does not show major changes in the OHI compared with the control group. It is suggested more studies are needed to corroborate or compare results. Keywords: telemedicine, text message, oral hygiene index, oral hygiene, dental plaque
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