• Desarrollo de soluciones con domótica

      Pérez Pichis, Roy; Espinoza Saavedra, Mateo Thomas; López Hurtado, Carlos Alberto (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC)PE, 15/04/2015)
      In the last years have occurred great changes in the daily lives of people, both inside and outside the home. These changes specifically are technological advances that help improve the lives of people. In these days exists one technology called Domotic. This technology has changed positively the lives of people. In this research was implemented a Domotic solution using a defined model about on current solutions and best practice in the market to make it affordable for the Peruvian and Latin American markets. So, first, was investigated the current solutions and current best practices in the home automation market. Second, was defined the implementation models of home automation solutions, where we chose a distributed architecture with communication between devices via Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy Architecture. Finally, was implemented a home automation solution using the defined model. This solution was implemented with manufacturing three automation devices. The first device is a portable lighting controller that allows turn on and off and dims the light of a lamp from home. The second device is a portable controller allows curtains that raise and lower the height of the curtains. Finally, the third device is an irrigation controller that lets you open or close the water valve that is connected to sprinkler water in the home.
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