• Desarrollo de un sistema de control y monitoreo remoto de temperatura para el proceso de maceración de cerveza artesanal utilizando un procesador Arm y un servidor web embebido

      Mesones Málaga, Gustavo Omar; Jara Zumarán, Diego Marcos; Ramos Chávez, David Reynaldo (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 05/10/2016)
      The project proposes the design of a PI controller for the brew’s mashing process to minimize the use of man-hours, quality product assurance, reduce the occupational hazards and increase the production of microbrewerys. The first chapter describes the typical issues of the microbrewerys during the mashing process. Also the solution is explained and justified. The second chapter describes the main control theory concepts and mentions the main characteristics of the ARM Cortex M4 microprocessor which is used as a temperature controller. The third chapter describes all the components used in the mashing process plant, develops the modeling of the mashing process system and designs the PI controller. Finally, the fourth and fifth chapter presents the experimental results, conclusions and recommendations.
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