• Factores que generan dilemas éticos en el periodismo digital peruano

      Ambrosio Tomás Rojas; Bravo Bayona, Ingrid Selene (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2016-01-01)
      The purpose of this research was to learn what factors generate ethical dilemmas in digital journalism. For this, journalists from the three main Peruvian media outlets were surveyed as it is based on a descriptive and quantitative exploratory research design, where 30 journalists participated. For this study, a survey that measured both the ethical behavior of the digital journalist, as the impact of the factors in their daily work was created. Three factors were raised: knowledge of the ethical norm, type of news and the use of social networks as journalistic sources. It was concluded that the first and third factors mentioned above do generate ethical dilemmas. The second type of news per se does not generate dilemmas. However, one of its indicators, immediacy, is a problem that journalists agreed as generating ethical dilemmas. The use of social networks as a source of news reports showed a higher incidence. The results were collected and analyzed based on the theory presented
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