• Desde el discurso: Análisis de la reconciliación entre Sheyla Rojas y Antonio Pavón transmitida durante el programa Combate (mayo de 2013)

      Pita Dueñas, César Gorki; Sánchez Lavanda, Lourdes Angélica (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2017-11-03)
      Seeks to show how Sheyla Rojas and Antonio Pavón reconciliation was constructed by Combate, a physical competition reality show, during its transmission. To get this I focussed on three thematic axes such as verbal, nonverbal and paralinguistic language, and melodrama. Each of them includes a specific category to do discourse analysis. Also, this research work proposes a new analytical tool to develop the Critical Dicourse Analysis (CDA) starting from the interaction among the thematic axes.
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