• Elementos del escaparatismo que refuerzan el posicionamiento de las marcas peruanas de ropa juvenil, en Lima Metropolitana

      Lodeiros Zubiria, Manuel Luis; Gutiérrez Marquez, Flor Milagros (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2017-12-01)
      The theme of the present investigation focuses on the "Elements of window dressing that reinforce the positioning of Peruvian brands of youth clothing, in Metropolitan Lima". For its development, the content has been divided into three parts: introduction, three chapters (theoretical framework, methodology and results) and finally, conclusions (discussion and implications for management). Throughout the investigation it will be sustained that the first contact of consumers with the brand is very important. In this sense, window dressing plays a very important role in the minds of consumers. However, the showcase, also known as showcase, has elements that seduce the consumer in different ways. Considering these considerations, it was suggested that the general objective of the present investigation is to know if the elements of window dressing help to position Peruvian brands of youth clothing. The methodology of Hernández & Fernández & Batista (2010) facilitated the design and scope of this academic research. The design is non-experimental of cross-section and correlational scope because the characteristic of a variable is observed and detailed at a specific moment. Likewise, a mixed approach was used, that is, qualitative and quantitative. The results of the study include conclusions from the purchasing behavior of the target to determine the most valued elements of the window dressing. From the above it follows that the most valued element of the showcase is the expressiveness (intangible) and the least valued is the mannequin (tangible).
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