• Aproximación semiótica al discurso cultural en la publicidad televisiva de algunas de las marcas peruanas más reconocidas durante la década 2005 – 2015

      García Contto, José David; Cueva Pastor, Evelyn Lisset (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2017-07-21)
      The identification and analysis (semiotic) of the various cultural manifestations of identity in the Peruvian TV commercials would allow the understanding of the cultural identity that transmits the national television advertising discourse and would achieve an approximation in the discovery of the stereotypes and ideologies that has begun to spread Peruvian advertising in recent years (2005 – 2015). The result of the investigation has it been articulated in four chapters. The first presents a concept of cultural identity, the concept of cultural practices is defined, and the importance of television as a mass medium of cultural diffusion in Peru and in the practice of national advertising is explained. The second chapter outlines the methodology, semiotics, and validates the selection of Peruvian brands and the sample of TV commercials through the opinion of specialists in advertising. The third chapter presents the development of the semiotic analysis of the television commercials that were chosen as sample: “Pass me the bottle” (Cristal), “The surnames” (San Fernando), “The magic Guinea pig” (BCP) and “Three glasses of cold milk” (Gloria). In the fourth chapter, there is a space for discussion of the results. Finally, it is concluded that it is important that the national origin of the analyzed brands allow them to be more aware that they are agents in the formation and acceptance of the diversity of the Peruvian identities.
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