• Los blogs y su influencia en la reputación de una marca en el contexto de una crisis empresarial: análisis de casos en el escenario peruano

      Strauck Franco, María Antonia; Cavagnaro Dam, Alessandra (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2017-12-05)
      Analyze how the publications of blogs affect the reputation of a brand or company in the context of a business crisis through cases occurring in the Peruvian scenario related to the following brands: Kentucky Fried Chicken, Peugeot Braillard and Domino's Pizza. In this way, it was found that blogs play an important role in the reputation of brands in the context of a business crisis, as they are positioned as transparent and critical virtual platforms, which allows them to influence their readers and also in other publics through the repercussion of their publications in other media, such as social networks and the mass media.
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