• Prevalencia y factores asociados a la lumbalgia y discapacidad por dolor lumbar en vigilantes de Miraflores, Lima 2016

      Becerra Bravo, Giancarlo; Pereyra Elías, Reneé; Lazarte Argandoña, Graciela Alejandra; Eslava Parra, Danai Barbara (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2017-07-14)
      Objective: Evaluate the prevalence of low back pain, the disability caused by this and the associated factor in watchmen in a district of Lima. Methods: It has been made a cross-sectional study of watchmen in Miraflores, Lima. The sampling was performed by clusters. The low back pain was measured by the Nordic questionnaire for low back pain and lumbar disability was measured with the Oswestry questionnaire. Additionally, the physical activity was measured by the short version of the International Questionnaire of Physical Activity (IPAQ-SF) and sociodemographic data. The prevalence of low back pain was calculated and the crude and adjusted prevalence ratios were calculated with their 95% confidence intervals using Poisson regression with robust variance. Results. The study includes 335 people. 98% were men, the median age was 42 (IQR:21). The 55.8% had a minimum level of physical activity. The prevalence of low back pain was 65.3% and the disability was 26.6%. the seated time was found [RPa: 2,21; IC95%=1,45-3,38] and age [RPa: 1,58; IC95%= 1,01-2,47] as factors associated with disability. Conclusion: Two out of three watchmen had low back pain and one in four had disability for low back pain.
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