• Evaluación in vitro de la microdureza de esmalte y dentina de dientes de bovino expuestos a tres bebidas isotónicas

      Casas-Apayco, Leslie Caroll; Salazar Salazar, Iris Sarela (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC)PE, 05/12/2015)
      Introduction: Isotonic drinks can cause dental tissue demineralization, which can be measured using Vickers microhardness test to evaluate their erosive effects. Aim: This in vitro study is aimed at evaluating microhardness of enamel and dentin of bovine teeth exposed to isotonic drinks. Materials and Methods: Sixty (60) specimens, thirty (30) enamels and thirty (30) bovine dentins were selected and divided into 6 groups: G1: Gatorade® Perform2/enamel, G2: Electrolight®/enamel, G3: Powerade® ION4/enamel, G4: Gatorade® Perform2/dentin, G5: Electrolight®/dentin, and G6: Powerade® ION4/dentin. These were subjected to the erosive challenge with isotonic drinks for five-minute periods, three times a day for five days. In order to evaluate the surface microhardness, the Vickers method was used with loads of 100g for 15 seconds on the enamel and 50g for 15 seconds on the dentin, before and after being exposed to the acid action of the isotonic drinks. Data was analyzed applying Student’s t-test and Wilcoxon test for the bivariate analysis, while the ANOVA and Kruskal Wallis tests were used for the multivariate analysis. Results: After comparing the initial and final microhardness values of the specimens, we found a significant statistical difference (p≤0.05): G1 (322.38±4.23 kg/mm2 / 170.60±25.05 kg/mm2); G2 (322.26±4.93 kg/mm2 / 181.73±8.75 kg/mm2); G3 (322.51±3.32 kg/mm2/189.03±18.24 kg/mm2); G4 (53.70±11.83 kg/mm2 / 25.79±9.36 kg/mm2); G5 (52.05±13.06 kg/mm2 / 25.83±9.87 kg/mm2); and G6 (51.81±11.89 kg/mm2 / 26.25±11.46 kg/mm2). No significant statistical difference was found by comparing the erosive effect of the three selected isotonic drinks. Conclusion: The in vitro erosive challenge with isotonic drinks causes reduction in enamel and dentin microhardness. However, no significant difference was found by comparing the erosive effect of the three isotonic drinks on the enamel and dentin.
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