• Evaluación del uso de la mensajería de texto (sms) sobre el control de placa bacteriana y sangrado gingival en pacientes atendidos en la clínica odontológica de la Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas durante febrero – julio 2014

      Ceccarelli Calle, Juan Francisco; Hernández Albújar, Alejandra (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC)PE, 02/11/2015)
      Objective: To evaluate the rate of plaque and gingival bleeding by applying text messaging (SMS) in patients treated at the Dental Clinic of the University of Applied Sciences. Material and Methods: The study was quasi-experimental, for which 30 participants were needed, and randomly divided equally into two groups: group receiving SMS and group not receiving SMS. All participants in the initial assessment (T0) they were given an informed consent explaining the procedure of the study and then underwent making plaque index according O'leary (IPB) and gingival bleeding index according Ainamo (ISG). Following that, they made an oral hygiene instruction and were informed that might or might not be part of the SMS group, in which case receive SMS previously established through a focus group, three times a week. Also, re-evaluations of IPB and ISG 15 days (T1) and one month (T2) were performed. Results: IPB and ISG decreased in both groups, resulting in the group receiving SMS on average 28.95 + 19.25 at T0, 17.65 + 19.25 in Q1 and in Q2 +12.22 20.28; whereas, for an average of 13.22 ISG + 7.33, 6.61 + 3.68 and 9.13 + 5.09 respectively. No statistically significant differences for IPB in the group receiving SMS (p = 0.153) were found; however, significant differences in the ISG (p = 0.008) were found. Conclusions: The IPB and ISG of patients treated at the Dental Clinic of the UPC decreased three times (T0, T1 and T2) in both groups.
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