• Evaluación in vitro de la actividad antibacteriana de los aceites y extractos metanólicos de sésamo, coco y girasol sobre cepas de Streptococcus Mutans (ATCC 25175)

      Valle Mendoza, Juana Mercedes; Alberca Perea, Stephanie; Colca Solano, Sthefany Margarita (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2018-01-09)
      Objective: In vitro evaluation of the antibacterial effect of the commercial oils and methanolic extracts of sesame, coconut and sunflower on Streptococcus mutans strains (ATCC 25175). Materials and Methods: Commercial oils of sesame, coconut and sunflower were used, and methanolic extracts of sesame, sunflower seeds and coconut pulp were prepared. Each extract and oil were tested for 5 times and 0.12% chlorhexidine was used as a positive control. The method was performed by agar diffusion, in which 4 wells were made, one for each solution, and were cultivated for 48 hours under fully anaerobic conditions at 37 ° C. The cytotoxicity test was also performed. Results: The commercial oils of sesame, coconut and sunflower had no antibacterial effect. The methanolic extracts of sesame and sunflower had no antibacterial effect as well. Nevertheless, the methanolic extract of coconut had an antibacterial activity of 12,8 mm aprox. Furthermore, the cytotoxic tests showed that the CC50 of the sesame methanolic extract was 100 µg/mL, of the coconut extract was 200 µg/mL and of the sunflower extract was 450 µg/mL. Conclusion: The coconut methanolic extract is the only one that has an antibacterial effect; however, after the cytotoxic tests where done, the results indicated that it is cytotoxic for the cells from a concentration of 200 µg/mL.
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