• Utilidad de una aplicación para la medición de agudeza visual y necesidad de evaluación oftalmológica en escolares de Callao-2015

      Pereyra Elías, Reneé; Mayta-Tristan, Percy; Ruiz Cárdenas, Jimena Gabriela (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2016-02-01)
      UTILITY OF A VISUAL ACUITY APP AND NEED OF OPHTHALMOLOGIC EVALUATION IN A PRIVATE SCHOOL OF CALLAO - 2005 ABSTRACT Introduction. Myopia is a cause of visual impairment that affects the development of children and adolescents. The use of visual acuity apps is an alternative for healthcare providers and non-healthcare professionals. Objectives. To evaluate the agreement between visual acuity assessment with an app performed by teachers against to the traditional Snellen chart performed by an optometrist in children of 6 to 17 years old. Materials and methods. Cross-sectional, analytical and observational study; three blind and independent evaluations were carried out (Snellen chart at 20 feet, visual acuity app by optometrist and the same app performed by teacher) to 196/252 school children. Values were changed to logMAR and the Lin coefficient was used to assess the concordance between them and was represented by Bland-Altman plots. Results. The mean age was 11.28 ±3.07 years; 55.61 % were male; ten classrooms were evaluated; elementary students correspond to 46.94 %; 57.14 % do not use lenses and only 51.53 % has been previously evaluated by a specialist. In the analysis of all classrooms, a low concordance with Lin coefficient (up to 0.322) between measurements was obtain. Conclusion. The Snellen chart can’t be replaced with the visual acuity app chosen for the study. Key words. Visual Acuity; Myopia; Mobile Applications; Child; Optometry, Peru (source: MeSH NLM)
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