• Relaciones objetales: estudio cualitativo con mujeres desplazadas por el conflicto armado en el Perú

      Franco Valdivia, Rocío; Leandro Llerena Tolmos (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC)PE, 2014-01-01)
      The present study explores object relations of women displaced by the internal armed conflict (IAC) in Peru, through 1980 – 2000. The sample is represented by six adult women displaced by political violence from the south-central Andean region and now a day’s residents on a shanty town in Lima. The validity of this work was established through the methodological triangulation of three instruments. The Object Relations Test of Phillipson (1955), which explores unconscious features bonded to internal objects characteristics, the ORT obtained content validity by judge criterion. The semi – structured interview, explores the actual perception of parents or other child care providers. The setting notes, used to support data and acknowledge some aspects of the contextfrom the participants, the relationships between them and with the researcher. The results show primary identification with anxious, contemplative and affectively diminished internal objects. These characteristics bind with the actual development of interpersonal relations, in which the internal armed conflict reinforces previous experiences gained by exclusion and discrimination. The sense of community requires a clinical intervention with a collective approach, leading to the development of abilities such aslistening, reinforce the value to speak and the respect of human differences. Furthermore is necessary to take concepts of the Andean culture in order to comprehend even better this population. More than one decade away from the IAC it’s necessary an intervention distant from current symptom’s and focused in community capacities and abilities in order to generate constructive bonds with others.
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