• Factores asociados a la sostenibilidad social: estudio cualitativo en proyecto con jóvenes en Iquitos

      Abugattás Barboza, Lucía (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC)PE, 2013-07-01)
      This research aims to describe the factors associated with social sustainability from the perspective of three different groups: professionals with experience in the field of communitary work, social sustainability and social responsibility, and projects with young people, organizers of the Project “Hope of the Amazonas” and a sample of 12 participants of the project. For data collection in this research, two tools were used: an interview guide for professionals in the field and organizers, and a focus group guide for the young participants of the project "Hope of the Amazon" in Iquitos. The analysis of the results of both helped create a social sustainability concept in which the three groups agree in associating it with community, future vision and commitment. Also, this research works on a triangulation among professionals, project organizers and participants to identify those matches on the factors associated with social sustainability chosen for this research (participation, commitment and knowledge sharing) as well as points of disagreement. In terms of how youth perceives participation they have a need of guides and leaders while professionals and organizers agree that its related to capacity building and inclusion. On the side of commitment, young people seek a link with each other and with the territory while the other two groups agree on the conviction and realize the impact of personal actions in a wider system. Finally, sharing knowledge is seen by young people as the ability to communicate and share ancestral laws, while professional organizers see it as information management and research.
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