• Propuesta de mejoras en la administración de inventarios para lograr la eficiencia en la gestión de compras y un mayor control de los insumos principales de la Empresa Sangos

      Vera, Augusto; Llanos Alarcón, Jeniffer Stephanie; Suárez Gómez, Liz Mary; Terrones Abanto, Victoria (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2016-11-23)
      The following project work points out the importance of formulating a proposal which enables a significant improvement in the inventory management model of Sangos, a juice shop located in La Molina, Lima – Peru. During the field work, many inefficiencies were identified in the warehouse and inventory departments. Thus, a benchmarking was performed among other small and medium companies from the same market and location, in order to analyze their inventory management and, thereby, come up with an adequate model for Sangos. As a result, was identified the main objective: the implementation of strategies which contribute to the improvement of Sangos inventory management and, consequently, achieve cost reduction, purchasing management effectiveness and enhanced control of their major consumables. This research work is quantitative non-experimental design transactional descriptive type, since information is collected without the manipulation of variables and also because it studies the behavior of the given reality phenomenon in its natural context. For that purpose, surveys were used as a statistic tool to obtain information from juice shop’s owners and/or managers of La Molina location. The data raised in the surveys was entered and tabulated in order to analyze the information and present it in the final results. Lastly, conclusions and recommendations were exhibit, which resulted in the proposal of a new inventory management system that will resolve current inventory problems.
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