• Propuesta de mejora que permita reducir, en el corto y mediano plazo, la escasez de técnicos especializados en las empresas privadas medianas de Lima Metropolitana

      Gamarra Vargas, Natalie; Ku, Danitza; Salazar Lara, Ana Karina (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2017-11-23)
      The aim of this thesis is to provide a proposal for improvement that will reduce, in the short and medium term, the shortage of specialized technicians in medium-sized private companies in Metropolitan Lima. In the first chapter, the theoretical framework has been investigated and presented and it will allow everybody to understand the scenario and the current situation of the labor market of specialized professional and non-professional technicians of medium-sized private companies in Metropolitan Lima. In addition, the characteristics of these companies will be defined, as well as those of the specialized professional and non-professional technicians. Also, definitions about the recruitment process, strategies and training programs will be included to finally develop the proposal for improvement. In the second chapter, a qualitative research is carried out using a grounded theory design. This is done in order to verify the existence of this shortage in medium-sized private companies in Metropolitan Lima and to determine how this problem is being addressed currently to finally be able to establish an adequate proposal. On the other hand, in the third chapter, the relevant information obtained from the segments chosen is collected and analyzed to answer each of our research questions. In the fourth chapter, we describe the findings met throughout the process of this research work, which will be essential for the proposals to transcend and sustain in the long term. Finally, in the fifth chapter, we present the conclusions and final recommendations suggested after reviewing the results of our investigation.
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