• Análisis del impacto de la modalidad de contratación de personal en la atención al usuario en el servicio de certificados literales, en las oficinas de los distritos de Surco, San Isidro, San Borja y Jesús María (sede Rebagliati) de la Superintendencia Nacional de los Registros Públicos (SUNARP), Lima 2017

      Asmat Marín, Mayra Kelly; Orellana Dextre, Zoila María de los Ángeles; Rodríguez Carrasco, Giannina Victoria; Salazar Espinoza, Karin Milagritos; Zilberman, Jack (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2017-06-01)
      The main objective of this thesis is to determine the relationship between the different modalities of hiring personnel in the public sector and their effect on the attention to the final user in four branches of the National Superintendence of Public Registries - SUNARP: Surco, San Borja, San Isidro and Jesús María. In the first chapter, the theoretical framework for the support of the research carried out was developed, touching on topics on the quality of service to the user, personnel recruitment schemes in the Peruvian public sector, literal copies service of the SUNARP, quality indicators and; Motivation and work climate. Then, in the second chapter, we explain the research methodology that addresses the case method, context, and tools and tools used to conduct the research. In the third chapter, the analysis of data and results obtained in the field phase is described. Regarding the observation, the evidence found in the different offices is described. In addition, the interviews with the heads of the research offices and treasurer of SUNARP are mentioned, as well as the results of the cashiers surveyed in both regimes and, finally, the results of the surveys of users of the literal service served in the 4 SUNARP research sites. The findings of the investigation are mentioned in the fourth chapter, where we present the nonconforming products originated by the cashiers, by modality of contract and the office of origin; Likewise, the conclusions and recommendations obtained from the research are developed. Finally, the fifth chapter mentions the bibliography consulted for this research work.
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