• Factores que influyen en el nivel de servicio en la atención a los pacientes por el personal administrativo del Hospital de la Solidaridad de La Victoria

      Barrantes Ramirez, Esther Jacqueline; Ordoñez Huaripata, Melissa; Vasquez Erba, Edgardo Javier (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2017-11-02)
      Objective: To analyze the level of optimal service and standards of quality of care of the administrative staff toward the patients of the Hospital de la Solidaridad de La Victoria. Methodology: The research is the type qualitative. In this, we used the grounded theory, because it is part of data collected and analyzed by means of a research process (in- depth interviews). Also, it did not start from a preconceived theory; on the contrary, it allows the theory to emerge from the data. In accuracy, there were conducted 17 in- depth interviews, which were semi-structured interviews. This allowed the interviewers to deepen on the subject. Main Conclusion: As responded in the interview by the patients who come to the SISOL de la Victoria, it was found that they are satisfied, due to the quick attention and the good treatment they receive during the process of care on the part of the administrative staff. It validates the hypothesis according to which there is a direct relationship between the level of satisfaction and the process of attention of the administrative staff.
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