• Empleabilidad, el proceso de inserción y adaptación al mercado laboral de estudiantes y recién graduados de universidades privadas de Lima Metropolitana nacidos entre los años 1992 y 1998

      Barrantes Ramírez, Esther Jacqueline; Lindo Loo, Tamara; Ruiz Nué, Ania Marjorie (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2018-11-02)
      Describe the personal and professional profile of generations Y and Z, especially the students who recently graduated from Lima’s universities that were born between 1992 and 1998. Also we want to know if the organizations are willing to establish new policies to retain this talent according to the characteristics and labor expectations of these generations. Our thesis has been developed from information obtained in different studies related to generations Y and Z, not only in Peru but also worldwide, besides bibliographic information about managing human resource. Investigational tools were used in the beginning with a group of students from Engineering and Administrative careers from a private university in Lima which has more than 90 years in the educational field also questioning three companies that hire students and finally to recent graduates from this university. However, during the first interview we discovered a very important factor in our thesis; that being because of social economical differences there are two different kinds of millennial in Perú. Therefore, we extend our study to students from a private university from northern part of Lima; this institution was founded in a different province in Perú with more than 20 years in the educational field. The conclusions that were drawn through our research allowed us to give recommendations that will increase the level of employability in the students while also by improving the politics within the human resources department that is responsible for retaining the talent in the companies.
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