• Análisis de las estrategias comerciales utilizadas por las PYMES del sector textil, del emporio comercial de Gamarra, de la línea de ropa para damas y caballeros con el fin de afrontar la competencia del mercado, y el impacto en su gestión comercial.

      Marisol Jorge Ruíz; Huayhua, Raúl; Quincho, Haydee (Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC), 2017-12-01)
      The objective of this research is to identify and analyze the impact of the commercial strategies used by SMEs in the textile sector of Gamarra's commercial emporium, which allows them to respond strategically to the results obtained to face the competition and its management commercial. In the first chapter, we address issues such as the definition, characteristics, participation at the national level of SMEs and their important representation in the economy of the country. Likewise, the concepts of commercial strategies are defined, the types of strategies they employ, such as, approach and high segmentation, differentiation, marketing mix and branding. Also, the study of the market competition and the commercial management of these SMEs is pointed out, which will contribute in the fulfillment of the business objectives. In the second chapter, a descriptive-explanatory study is developed, which will allow to know what are the commercial strategies used by the SMEs of the textile sector of the Gamarra commercial emporium of the clothing line for men and women, to face the competition and the impact on your business management. In addition, the type of research chosen for the present study is grounded theory. In the third chapter, the analysis of the collected data is carried out and the respective results of the various depth interviews conducted in the present investigation are provided to know the commercial behavior of these SMEs. In the fourth chapter, the discussion of the results is carried out, where all the findings that contribute to the next chapter are detailed. Finally, we indicate the conclusions and recommendations on the proposed research topic.
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